The Cultist – Chapter 1: The Betrayal

 Agrael: What news of our enemies?

 Biara: The major roads between us and Gehenna are blocked by elite Haven units, led by Godric.

 Agrael: Godric? I would have thought Isabel would be after me herself.

 Biara: Nah. She’s handling funeral affairs. Plus, it would be too easy for you, Agrael. She is mentally challenged, after all.

 Dougal: Keep an eye out, men. Godric wants this sector swept and secured!

 Paladins: Yes, sir!

 Agrael: How sad it is that I, the ultimate servant of evil and commander of the demon invasion, is reduced to weak buffoonery as soon as control is given to the player.

 Agrael: Now where’s that passage to the tunnel?

 Biara: Behind the red gate, you idiot… I mean, your evilness.

 Agrael: Oh, of course. Now it should be an easy journey to Gehe-

 Erasial: Where do you think you’re going! Get him, my succubi!

 Agrael: Same team, idiot! What the hell, man?

 Erasial: I was given two tasks: retrieve the Heart of the Griffin (that pendant Nicolai used to blast the demons) and ZOMG YOUR HEAD.

 Erasial: I know of your traitorous ways, Agrael. The whole world could hear you try to profess your creepy love to Isabel during that campfire scene.

 Agrael: I knew I should have slipped Isabel a subtle note instead.

 Sovereign: You fool!

 Agrael: Gulp.

 Sovereign: You have failed me, Erasial! Although you have whittled down Agrael’s troops and delayed him long enough for me to arrive, I still consider this a failure. And now, your punishment!

 Erasial: *explodes*

 Sovereign: As for you, Agrael. I shall not suffer a traitor to live. Except, I suddenly don’t have any urge to punish you. Well, goodbye.

 Agrael: …

 Agrael: …

 Agrael: Dodged that bullet.