The Queen

Chapter 1: After demons crash Isabel’s wedding, Nicolai goes to war and Isabel decides she has military experience and raises an army of peasants.

Chapter 2: Not content with her terrible peasant army, Isabel invades some nearby towns and drafts archers.

Chapter 3: Isabel runs around the countryside and fights a demon. Meanwhile, somewhere over the horizon, Nicolai and his generals are fighting the real war.

Chapter 4: Isabel runs into a trap, threatening to single-handedly derail Nicolai’s campaign and jeopardize the well-being of the Griffin Empire.

Chapter 5: A smarter man might have given the reins of the Griffin Empire to the level-headed and honorable war hero, Godric. But that’s not what Nicolai does. And so, crazy Isabel becomes the new queen.

The Cultist

Chapter 1: After his army is wiped out by the Heart of the Griffin, Agrael goes on the run. The incompetent Griffin Empire generals let him get away.

Chapter 2: Agrael listens to a mysterious spirit for some reason and decides to march through the elven kingdom of Irollan to visit some islands.

Chapter 3: The elves aren’t very happy about the demons invading their land. Agrael kills a bunch of elves for no reason.

Chapter 4: Agrael is still marching through the elven lands. Man, this entire campaign is kind of repetitive.

Chapter 5: Agrael finally meets up with Tieru and decides to go through a rite of purification and stop being a demon because OMG he loves Isabel.

The Necromancer

Chapter 1: Markal suddenly decides that after all these years of being banished, the time is now to visit the Griffin Empire. Isabel decides to be his best friend.

Chapter 2: Godric doesn’t like Markal but Isabel doesn’t seem to think the evil, horrible sorcerer of death who swore revenge on the Griffin Empire is really a bad guy.

Chapter 3: Isabel agrees to invade the neutral wizard kingdom and destroy it for no reason.

Chapter 4: Markal hunts down Cyrus and gets his revenge.

Chapter 5: Godric stands by his convictions to protect the Griffin Empire from an imminent necromancer takeover so Isabel and Markal throw him in jail.

The Warlock

Chapter 1: Many dark elves raise armies to kill each other. Raelag survives and becomes the Clanlord.

Chapter 2: Raelag expands his power by destroying the nearby clans and runs into a loyal assassin named Shadya.

Chapter 3: Raelag kills more of his fellow dark elves for the love of Isabel.

Chapter 4: Raelag and Shadya travel through a super secret tunnel that brings them from their kingdom to the borders of the Griffin Empire.

Chapter 5: Raelag and Shadya wander through some demon lands with ridiculously overpowered armies.

The Ranger

Chapter 1: Findan guards some borders. Meanwhile, Isabel is distraught that the evil necromancer resurrected Nicolai as a crazy, bloodthirsty vampire instead of a less violent undead creature.

Chapter 2: Years ago, the dragons became angered by the elves because of various convoluted backstories we hear about but never see. It’s up to Findan to recruit them.

Chapter 3: The capital of Irollan has been invaded by the undead! The only hope is to rescue two elven generals that are both significantly weaker than Findan.

Chapter 4: Findan does some island hopping and Tieru moves the plot along with a monologue.

Chapter 5: Findan burns Nicolai to death with phoenixes and saves Irollan.

The Mage

Chapter 1: Zehir is a mage who rides an elephant and complains a lot.

Chapter 2: Zehir singlehandedly frees the Silver Cities from necromancer control.

Chapter 3: Zehir frees Godric and then teams up with Findan to kill Markal, moving the plot along faster than the entirety of the Haven campaign.

Chapter 4: All the heroes meet up and capture Isabel. But when they try to purge her of corruption, she is kidnapped and taken to Sheogh, the demon world.

Chapter 5: The lord of evil is no match for all the heroes, despite cheating in combat.

Freyda’s Dilemma

Chapter 1: Isabel has somehow become an even bigger bitch and sends Freyda to kill some heathens.

Chapter 2: Freyda and Laszlo kill some more peasants.

Chapter 3: Although Freyda is sent to capture Duke Duncan, she ends up flirting with him and letting him go.

Chapter 4: Freyda and Laszlo visit the dwarves. But Laszlo screws it up and Freyda has to escape through the longest, most convoluted backwoods path possible.

Chapter 5: Freyda frees Duncan from jail and they defeat some new Griffin generals we don’t really care about. Duncan fails to keep it in his pants.

Wulfstan’s Defiance

Chapter 1: The dwarves gather 200 soldiers. Really, that’s it.

Chapter 2: Rolf complains to the king that Wulfstan is a traitor. Meanwhile, Wulfstan’s army travels through the underground halls.

Chapter 3: Wulfstan travels through more tunnels. Then, he learns he has been branded a traitor.

Chapter 4: Wulfstan and Duncan meet up and are best friends. When Rolf comes to crash the party, they hand him a painful defeat.

Chapter 5: Laszlo finally gets exploded by Freyda’s banshee scream thanks to the power of Elrath. Godric dies after being tortured in a pretty flower field.

Ylaya’s Quest

Chapter 1: Ylaya stumbles upon a very evil and loud meeting involving Thralsai and Shadya.

Chapter 2: Ylaya runs away and Thralsai keeps chasing her. If Ylaya was smart, she’d give the news to all of her soldiers and then send them in different directions. Eventually, one of them would deliver it to the right person.

Chapter 3: To everyone’s horror, Raelag and the real Isabel have been vacationing in a tunnel the entire time. Gee, Isabel. Maybe you should have told someone you’d be leaving the Griffin Empire for a while and appointed someone in charge (like Godric).

Chapter 4: Thralsai attacks but our heroes save the day by recruiting a bunch of dragons. Isabel takes some time to promote Dark Messiah of Might & Magic.

Chapter 5: All the heroes converge on Horncrest and kill the king, who really didn’t have anything to do with the whole evil plot. Rolf and Biara escape. Raelag goes to the Free Cities (and we never hear anything further about this).

The Will of Asha

Chapter 1: Ornella and Giovanni find Arantir. Asha uses all.

Chapter 2: Arantir fights wizards. Asha uses all.

Chapter 3: Ornella and Arantir hunt down Orlando, who is actually a demon in disguise. Asha uses all.

Chapter 4: Orlando gets away again. Asha uses all.

Chapter 5: Orlando is finally killed. Meanwhile, there is some bullshit about Isabel’s spirit being trapped in stasis while real Isabel is fighting fake Isabel. Asha uses all.

To Honor Our Fathers

Chapter 1: Orcs get skulls! Mother earth. Father sky.

Chapter 2: Kujin unite tribes! Mother earth. Father sky.

Chapter 3: Gotai watch humans fight each other! Mother earth. Father sky.

Chapter 4: Kujin travels through strange mountain lands. Run errands for faceless man in tent. Mother earth. Father sky.

Chapter 5: Gotai’s friend Khengi killed by archer. Gotai enter rage! Kill Alaric. Mother earth. Father sky. Rawrrr!

Flying To The Rescue

Chapter 1: Zehir returns with a new portrait and a cool, flying academy. Unfortunately, every time he transports the academy, he becomes stupider.

Chapter 2: Zehir gathers priests for some not-so-useful advice. Duncan and Freyda take care of the rest.

Chapter 3: Zehir goes underground and helps Wulfstan defeat Rolf once and for all. They find the dragon Arkath, who blames all of the dwarves’ problems on Hangvul.

Chapter 4: All of the heroes and their mothers show up to battle demon armies, ultimately converging on the Griffin capitol to defeat Biara. The real Isabel finally abdicates (despite doing diddy squat) and Freyda becomes the new Queen.