Wulfstan’s Defiance – Chapter 2: The Ambush

 Wulfstan: What did you say?

 Shieldguard: Uh, your evil half-brother Rolf has killed your Shieldguards, kidnapped Prince Andrei, and run off.

 Wulfstan: Follow him. I’ll deal with that traitor after this is all over. But for now, I must concentrate on liberating our homes in the great subterranean halls.

Meanwhile, trouble is brewing and treachery is afoot…

 King Tolghar: So, what do you mean Wulfstan is a traitor? That’s kind of far-fetched.

 Rolf: He caused a war between us and the Griffin Empire!

 Hangvul: You mean he attacked his friend Duncan? Come on now. That’s just plain stupid.

 Rolf: No no. He won’t give up the prince.

 King Tolghar: Prince? What prince?

 Rolf: He’s tying our country to the affairs of the humans!

 King Tolghar: Look, I don’t really know what’s going on these days. I just sit here.

 Hangvul: Hmm… perhaps we should speak to Wulfstan about this.

 St. Isabel: Well helllloooooo, dwarves.

 King Tolghar: You’re projecting yourself like a demon!

 St. Isabel: Oh this? No, we just learned a few tricks from the cultists we captured.

 King Tolghar: Oh okay. Well, what do you have to say for yourself?

 St. Isabel: Ha ha. Do you not know why we are fighting? A dwarf named Wulfstan holds our prince captive and refuses to give him up.

 King Tolghar: Wulfstan? Sounds familiar…

 St. Isabel: This war distracts you at a time when the dark elves are rearming.

 King Tolghar: Dark elves? Sounds familiar…

 St. Isabel: Of course, we also have a treaty with the dark elves and their leader Raelag and must come to their aid if they attack you.

 King Tolghar: Who are you again?

 St. Isabel: If you give us our prince back, we can overlook our treaty. Do you understand?

 Hangvul: Hmm. Having the Griffin Empire on our side could prove useful is wiping out the dark elves once and for all.

 St. Isabel: Well, sleep on it and let me know in the morning.

 King Tolghar: Being king is hard. Who are you people? Why is everyone talking so loud?