Ylaya’s Quest – Chapter 3: The Meeting

 Ylaya: Everything you said has come to pass. I should never have doubted you.

 Daughter of Malassa: Death to the Soulscar. Things were not like this before. Not when he was in charge.

 Ylaya: You must be referring to Raelag, our old clan lord. Unfortunately, he suddenly disappeared one day without a word. Ever since then, the clans have splintered and the dragons have abandoned us. I sure hope he left for an important reason.

 Daughter of Malassa: It is up to us, Ylaya. Find my children. Wear the garb of their masters.

 Ylaya: You want me to recruit dragons while wearing the flayed skins of other dead dragons?

 Daughter of Malassa: Yep.

 Ylaya: Won’t the dragons get pissed?

 Daughter of Malassa: Oh, I guess so. Why don’t I accompany you to explain things.

 Ylaya: Oh swell. Looks like in addition to battling dark elves, dwarves, demons, and red Haven troops, I’ll have to spend the entire chapter keeping this one dragon alive.

 Ylaya: How strange it is to see a Haven in these dark tunnels.

 Valeria: But when you enter… it is as bright as day! Not that you’ll ever live to see it.

 Valeria: Oh wait. You win.

 Ylaya: These Haven troops. They become red soldiers if I leave them in the garrison for a day. Finally, my chance to kick some butt with vindicators and zealots.

 Ylaya: These Haven troops. They become red soldiers if I leave them in the garrison for a day. Finally, my chance to kick some butt with vindicators and zealots.

 Vindicator: Too bad this is the last time you’ll get to use the non-nerfed red army.

 Seer: Ylaya, you must stop the skirmishes in order to reclaim the dragon artifacts. There are eight total!

 Ylaya: Do I really have to?

 Seer: Nah, I guess not. Carry on.

 Ylaya: Now let’s see where these portals lead… oh god… the horror.

 Raelag: I love you sooooo much.

 Isabel: No, I love you sooooo much.

 Raelag: Do you like my secret hideout, snookie-wookums?

 Isabel: Hee hee. Oh Raelag. I love it. This is the best vacation ever!

 Ylaya: Whoa, whoa, what!? This doesn’t make a lick of sense. Why is Queen Isabel here? What’s going on?

 Raelag: Who are you? Speak now or die!

 Ylaya: I’m the keeper of the law of the Shadowbrand. We’ve met like a hundred times before.

 Raelag: Oh yeah. Right. The Shadowbrand. Sorry for disappearing. As you can see, I uh… had ‘urgent business’ to attend to.

 Isabel: Raelag and I are totally an item now. I’ve sort of forgotten that he stalked me creepily and fell in love with me when I was a child and then later murdered my husband.

 Raelag: And how!

 Ylaya: I thought Biara was masquerading as Isabel because she left her in Sheogh at the end of the last game. But now the truth comes out. Isabel wasn’t left behind at all. She’s been hanging out in Raelag’s bachelor pad, neglecting her duties!?

 Isabel: Oh, don’t make such a big deal. It’s just a brief sabbatical. I’m sure the Griffin Empire is doing fine on its own. It practically runs itself.

 Ylaya: You haven’t heard? The Griffin Empire is involved in a war between Ygg-Chall and Grimheim. Half your citizens are worshipping demons and dressed in red. A fake Isabel has become deified. Godric is dead. The dragons have deserted us. And also, the Soulscar are allied with demons again.

 Raelag: Damn it.

 Ylaya: Just like last time, everything terrible that has happened is because of Raelag’s stupid crush on Isabel.

 Raelag: I guess we should join you and try to set things right.