The Necromancer – Chapter 4: The Regicide

 Markal: It’s time for the hunt. *casts random spell*

 Cyrus: Perhaps hiding in this dead-end tunnel wasn’t the smartest idea.

 Markal: Come out, come out, wherever you are!

 Titans: …

 Markal: A huge stack of level 7 creatures? Clearly they are guarding something very important.

 Cyrus: Curses. He has a brain, after all.

 Markal: And now, Cyrus. You will die a most horrific death. And then I will resurrect you just to kill you again. Hu hu hu hu hu hu. I’m soooo eeeevil.

 Cyrus: Alas, this is where my story ends. Pity I had the personality of a cardboard cutout.

 Markal: Okay, team meeting guys. Cyrus is dead.

 Isabel: At last, he pays for his insults. *casts random spell*

 Markal: With the Ring of the Unrepentant on my finger, we now have all the pieces we need to raise Nicolai from the dead. Prepare the troops, Godric. We head to the Hall of Heroes!

 Godric: Isabel, you are the queen. You should be the one giving orders, not this evil, ambitious necromancer.

 Isabel: Oh, Godric. Stop getting your panties in a bundle. We’re all friends here.

 Godric: No, not really.

 Isabel: Raising our king from the dead? I can’t possibly see how this could end badly.