Freyda’s Dilemma – Chapter 5: The Choice

 Freyda: Well, I’m alone now. That last battle with the fiery godzillas decimated my army.

 Paladin: We’re still with you, milady.

 Freyda: Oh right.

 Paladin: So, we can either start flagging mines, build up an army, capture towns, or go free Duncan.

 Freyda: We could use the extra help, so…

 Duncan: I’m freeeeeeeeee! *cough cough* What’s with all this dramatic smoke?

 Freyda: Duke Duncan, we meet again. We could sure use a helping… wait a minute. Your stats are terrible and you don’t know any spells of worth.

 Duncan: I love you, Freeeeeeeyyyyyda!

 Freyda: I’m starting to regret wasting my troops on that last garrison.

 Duncan: I’m sooooo looking forward to traveling with you. Long nights in our war tent… long walks on the beach to talk strategy…

 Freyda: Er… actually, we should go our separate ways. I need to go save my father and you need to go save your friend, Wulfstan. Griffin eternal!

 Duncan: But… but…


 Duncan: Alright… off you go.

 Paladin: Milady, it would appear that St. Isabel has recruited all new heroes into her red army. The likes of which we have never seen before.

 Andreas: My name iz Andreas and I come from ze lands afar. You have betrayed ze queen. Prepare to die.

 Duncan: Piece of cake. Oh wait… they have life-draining fallen angels!?

 Freyda: Looks like I have to save you again.

 Andreas: Curses. My army iz destroyed. I vill be back, mark my words. See you in ze tavern in 7 days. Mo ho ho ho ho!

 Freyda: This time I must really be going. My father is still sitting in a cell, waiting for rescue.

 Duncan: I wish I could come along with you, but I’m needed here. But if you really wanted my help, you just have to say the word and I’ll…

 Freyda: No Duncan. You stay here and rebuild the Stag Duchy. But I look forward to seeing you in the near future, side by side in battle.

 Duncan: I look forward to seeing you in the near future too, side by side in bed.

 Freyda: Come now, we have an empire to restore.

 Duncan: Empires require heirs. Let us begin by creating some. Do you know where babies come from?

 Freyda: You are a dangerous man Duncan. But your constant sexual harassment is warming my cold, cold heart.

 Duncan: Excellent.