To Honor our Fathers – Chapter 3: Father Sky’s Fury

 Gotai: Gotai ready to destroy steel men. Pain from years of slavery make Gotai red with anger!

 Khengi: Go get ‘em, Gotai!

 Gotai: Gotai head hurt. Who are you?

 Khengi: I’m your new goblin sidekick. I have no real purpose in the story except to die later. But I’m introduced now so that my death later will have more of an impact.

 Gotai: Gotai confused. Will ignore you for time being.

 Demons: Oh no. We’ve been discovered.

 Gotai: Demons!? The greatest enemies of orcs? Gotai add demons to already long list of things orcs hate!

 Catapult Army: Eat fiery death!

 Gotai: Gotai add you to list also!

 Catapult Army: Ahhh! Run away!

 Gotai: Now Gotai able to use catapult to destroy castles of steel men!

 Blue Army: Die, red army!

 Red Army: Die, blue army!

 Gotai: Hmm. Gotai think blue army and red army not like each other. No matter! Gotai kill both armies and destroy all cities!