The Ranger – Chapter 3: The Defense

 Findan: While I was off recruiting the dragons and making them not hate us anymore, the Vampire Lord Nicolai besieged the capital of Irollan. Pray I have not returned too late.

 Alaron: Ugh, I’m dying. This is what I get for standing outside of our walls and getting shot by a million arrows.

 Findan: My king! Don’t die! I shall go fetch a first aid tent.

 Findan: Emerald dragons... you are like gods. Can you not save him?

 Emerald Dragon: We like to burn things!

 Findan: Never mind.

 Alaron: No, it is useless. The story dictates that I must die here, and so I shall. Go find Tieru and learn how to defeat Kha-Beleth. I should have done this myself ages ago; but then again, I was a pretty lousy king.

 Findan: Wait, we still need you to defend the capital from subsequent attacks.

 Alaron: Now I go to be judged by Sylanna. But before I die, I will encase my body in a giant rock… one… last… time… *dies*

 Findan: Oh great! It’s up to me to defend Syris Thalla. This is just peachy.

 Zoltan: I represent the necromancers who are going to continually siege the city and prevent you from exploring the rest of the map.

 Findan: Peachy. I’d better turn quick combat off.

 Druid: Captain Findan, let’s go rescue the two legendary generals who were recently captured and help in nearby prisons.

 Findan: I know just the person.

 Wyngaal: This is Wyngaal. Findan, do you copy? I’m in.

 Zoltan: What was that noise? Hmm.

 Wyngaal: Alright, second PAL card inserted. Now, freeze the key.

 Zoltan: !

 Wyngaal: Damn.

 Findan: Use the chaff grenade!

 Wyngaal: Got it! All systems disengaged.

 Dirael: Freedom. Sweet, sweet freedom! *casts random spell*

 Talanar: Wow, what happened to my stats after the patch? They’re terrible.

 Zoltan: I’ve finally caught up to you Wyngaal. Now, you die. *casts random spell*

 Wyngaal: Ugh… clinging desperately to life… no more rations on hand…

 Findan: Wyngaal. Answer me. Wyngaal. Are you there? Wyyynnnngaaaallll!

Back at the capital…

 Talanar: All is not lost. We talented generals will hold the capital while you go on your quest. Here, take all our troops. We don’t need them.

 Dirael: Now that King Alaron has passed on, who leads Irollan? Is there some kind of regent or king-in-training we can report to?

 Findan: That’s a good question. Who has seniority?