Wulfstan’s Defiance – Chapter 3: The Guerrillas

 Freyda: Don’t mind me, I’m just passing through. This chapter happens roughly around the same time as the final chapter in my campaign.

 Wulfstan: Hey! Eyes on me, lads.

 Shieldguard: You can either recruit us, or leave us here to distract the patrols.

 Wulfstan: Are you crazy? Of course I’m taking you along.

 Shieldguard: Yippie.

 Wulfstan: Looks like the red army captured one of our commanders and put him in an unguarded prison somewhere. But where is it?

 Shieldguard: There’s a big sign here that says ‘Prison!’

 Lorenzo: Good to meet you there, ol’ chap. Me army is big, if I do say so myself, yes I do. Very well then. Have at you. Cheerio.

 Wulfstan: Sad, really. Did you know I put a few points into Soldier’s Luck? Also, your army is smaller than the one I started the mission with.

 Lorenzo: Bloody hell. Looks like I’ve been bested, yes I have, right-o. Alright, off I go. See you later, ol’ chum.

 Wulfstan: I figured they’d build a jail in the middle of a bottomless chasm.

 Helmar: I’m free! Now guide me to safety.

 Wulfstan: Can I just give you some of my troops and send you on your way?

 Helmar: No. I’m flying a purple banner. No reason really. Just want to thank you by making your life more difficult. Now stop talking and clear my path of enemies.

 Wulfstan: But you’re walking so erratically, and not telling me where you’re going. It’s hard to keep up.

 Helmar: Ahh! I’ve been killed. Wulfstaaaaan, you idiiooooooot.

 Wulfstan: Dag-nabbit. I hate this game.

 Valeria: Greetings, dwarf. I am the stern and bitchy lesbian commander Valeria. You have defeated my comrades, but you will not defeat me. Come to Merasgar and fight me… if you dare.

 Wulfstan: But I have like 5 Thanes and 20 Rune Patriarchs… and you have some low-tier red troops.

 Valeria: Scenario designers, I hold you responsible. Nooooooooo!

 Wulfstan: Hmm… the mission hasn’t ended. Is this a bug?

 Shieldguard: That’s because we still have to intercept a caravan. If we can knock out the reinforcements, Laszlo will not be able to sustain his attack against Tor Hrall.

 Wulfstan: Makes sense. Ready your spears, lads! It’s time to wait here and keep ending turns until the caravan shows up.

 Caravan Guards: He he. We don’t show up on the mini-map. Now these dwarves will never find us.

 Wulfstan: Attack! *hack* *hack*

 Caravan Guards: Take it! Take it all! Ahhhhh! *poof*

 Wulfstan: Ho ho. At last, this chapter draws to a close. Wait, what’s this?

 Herald: Heyyyy guys! I have a message, but only non-traitorous dwarves are permitted to listen to it.

 Wulfstan: I don’t like where this is going.

 Herald: So um… the king has decreed that we are now at war with the dark elves of Ygg-Chall. Also, like… Wulfstan, you are now totally a traitor. So like… prepare for assassination attempts and stuff.

 Wulfstan: WHAT!?

 Shieldguard: That’s some bullshit, man. Wulfstan’s like the only character in this game so far who isn’t an idiot. And he gets screwed.

 Wulfstan: Settle down, lads. You’ll find that I’m just as stupid as the other characters. Now tell me messenger, why have I been branded a traitor?

 Herald: Well, like… we’ve totally decided to ally ourselves with the Griffin Empire and their suspicious new red army. But like, don’t blame me. I’m just the messenger and some junk.

 Wulfstan: Rolf and Hangvul… so this is how you want to play your little political game.