The Ranger – Chapter 2: The Emerald Ones

 Findan: What are you doing out here in the forest, my king?

 Alaron: Meh, the castle was boring. Anyway, I came to advise you to recruit the emerald dragons to our cause. By the way, let me tell you a random story about how Nicolai’s father Alexei died.

 Findan: This impromptu history lesson is indeed strange.

Flashback time…

 Kha-Beleth: Mwa ha ha ha! I loooove being evil.

 Alexei IV: Okay team. The gate is closing. It’s time for us to end this once and for all. With our combined might, we can defeat the demons of Sheogh once and for all!


 Alaron: So yeah… are we going?

 Cyrus: Are you crazy?

 Alaron: Maybe we can flip a coin to decide.

 Cyrus: Or roll a dice.

 Alaron: Well, looks like the gate closed already. Forget it.

 Alexei IV: Uh… guys? Did nobody follow me?

 Emerald Dragons: This is bullshit. We dragons have better things to do with our time, like hoard treasure and capture beautiful, barely clothed elf princesses.

End of the flashback…

 Alaron: It was on this day that the emerald dragons left Irollan forever. But now, it is up to you to restore their favor.

 Findan: What makes me so special?

 Alaron: Well, I’m off. Got to go back to the capital and defend it…

 Findan: Again my questions go unanswered. Though my gut tells me I should be guarding a border… perhaps to stop the undead from pouring into our lands, I shall trust the king’s counsel and seek the dragons.

Some time passes and a base is established…

 Findan: Every time I leave my town, some stupid demon lord sails up with a giant army. This is getting ridiculous. The boats are piling up.

 Alastor: Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.

 Findan: Oh Sylanna! Why do you allow these demons to use your ships?

 Emerald Dragon: Thank you for meeting me, puny elf whose existence we tolerate. We’ve grown tired of hoarding treasure in recent days. We seek new forms of entertainment.

 Findan: Well, I do so very much enjoy reciting poetry. Perhaps that could be your new hobby.

 Emerald Dragon: That is unlikely to happen. But perhaps you can involve us in a battle or two? We do very much enjoy burning things to a crisp.

 Emerald Dragon: Yes, yes. You must seek out our kin so that we may all partake in the joys of pyromania. Find the obelisks.

 Emerald Dragon: We will join your army. But do not let us die or you cannot complete the mission.

 Findan: I think I’d better leave you back in the town just in case the quick combat AI sends you on suicide attacks. Promise me you won’t burn the place to the ground.

 Emerald Dragon: We promise nothing!

 Findan: Why would the emerald ones go into hiding but leave giant rune stones with their whereabouts carved in glowing text?

 Another Emerald Dragon: Oop. You’ve found us in our secret mating ground. Let’s make a deal. All twenty of us will join you on your quest if you defeat the demons here in the Blazing Sands.

 Another Emerald Dragon: They are burning everything in existence, leaving nothing for us to burn.

 Findan: Oh, then it’s a good thing I wiped most of them out already.

 Alastor: This is true. We are very sad.