The Mage – Chapter 1: The Defiant Mage

 Zehir: I think I’ll pick the 5 djinni as my starting bonus.

 Djinn: Woot!

 Narxes: Did you know Markal left the Silver Cities to go resurrect the King Nicolai? He left but a few troops garrisoned. Now’s the time to strike back, oh ‘First of the Circle.’

 Zehir: Whoa, whoa. None of this ‘First of the Circle’ nonsense. Just call me Zehir. Or Zehir the Great. Or Zehir the First. Or Zehir the Magnificent. Or Zehir the Sexiest and Wittiest Mage in all the Land. But I don’t want to hear about any circles.

 Narxes: Brilliant, sir.

 Zehir: Now let’s raise an army and take back the city of Sihaam from the undead.

 Kaspar: Sihaam? It’s called Kadashman. We necromancers renamed it because we are sneaky. Hurk, hurk.

 Zehir: I’ll also need to get to level 10. My current stats are simply terrible.

 Narxes: You managed to become the ‘First of the Circle’ as a level 1 mage?

 Zehir: Daddy was king. It’s called the legacy system.

 Narxes: So much for meritocracy.

 Zehir: It wasn’t not all fun and games, you know. My life was consumed by studies. Well, studies of the female students.

 Narxes: I’ve been working hard for 52 years and I’ve still barely cracked the 12th Circle. This is unfair.

 Kaspar: I’m waiting for you. Can we move this along?

 Zehir: Patience, you abomination. The trick to the entire campaign is to be as prepared as possible. Relying on summoned elementals to do my dirty work simply won’t work in the new patch. I’ll need something bigger; something more reliable; something fiery.

 Phoenix: Like me.

 Kaspar: Phoenixes? This is bullshit, you know. *immolates*

 Zehir: I’ve got an army now, Markal. And every single eldritch arrow has your name on it. *casts random spell*