The Will of Asha – Chapter 1: Last Soul Standing

 Ornella: Hi, I’m your everyday Griffin countess turned servant of darkness. You may remember me from the standalone mission in the last game.

 Giovanni: Bla! I am poor and have no horse! Now listen up. We must impress Arantir.

 Ornella: Wait, who’s Arantir?

 Giovanni: Why, he is the most powerful necromancer ever! He has long, beautiful raven hair and a fair complexion. Why, just thinking about him makes me–

 Ornella: Okay, okay. I get the picture. How will we impress him?

 Giovanni: We will capture the city of Illuma-nadin and hand it to him. You do the work and I’ll take the credit. Bla!

 Ornella: Whoa, these undead soldiers are pink!

 Giovanni: Yes. These pink troops are just what we need to impress High Lord Arantir. Bla!

 Ornella: Yay! I captured Illuma-nadin!

 Arantir: I am most impressed. Asha uses all.

 Ornella: What the– Where’d you suddenly come from?

 Giovanni: See! I told you he would be impressed. Bla!

 Arantir: You serve us well, Ornella. Abracadabra! You’re a necromancer now. Asha uses all.

 Giovanni: Die!

 Arantir: I knew you were trying to kill me the moment you started running at me slowly with your sword raised while screaming. Now, die. Asha uses all.

 Giovanni: Noooo.

 Ornella: I had no idea my master made me run around the map putting together elemental keys and raising armies just so he could try and kill you, honest!

 Arantir: That’s okay. I don’t kill beautiful women. Onto the next mission. Asha uses all.