Freyda’s Dilemma – Chapter 1: The Rebels

 Freyda: Ah, another day of training. Even though Markal killed me in the original campaign, it would appear that I survived somehow.

 Godric: Amazing, daughter! Your mouth moves when you talk. And my urge to randomly fire spells into the air as we hold this conversation has diminished significantly.

 Godric: Now let’s resurrect these squires that you just killed. Because WE ARE TOTAL DICKS to our squires and use them for target practice.

 Squire: I hate my life.

 Godric: I do believe something strange is happening with Queen Isabel. She doesn’t sound like herself lately.

 Freyda: Is it just me or did she switch voice actresses with Biara?

 Isabel: Well helllllllo there. Were you just talking about me?

 Freyda: Oh crap. Why no, my queen. We were talking about that other Isabel down the street. The one with the ponytail.

 Isabel: Ah, very well. Freyda, I’m making you my general. We’re going to warrrrrr!

 Godric: Whoa, wait a minute. Didn’t we just finish a war? Freyda, you had better watch your back. Methinks something fishy is going on.

 Freyda: I’ll be fine, father.

 Lord Caldwell: Well hello there. You may not remember me, but I was casually mentioned in the original campaign as one of the rebels opposing Isabel’s erratic rule under Markal’s influence.

 Archbishop Randall: Me too.

 Alaric: You heathens. Kneel before St. Isabel.

 Freyda: St. Isabel?

 St. Isabel: Why yes. I have been deified.

 Lord Caldwell: Are we the only sane members of the Griffin Empire? Can no one else see through this ruse? Isabel is obviously evil.

 Archbishop Randall: To war! We shall destroy you!

 Laszlo: I look forward to it, hur hur hur. Burn. Crush. Kill.

 St. Isabel: Well then, Freyda and Laszlo. I want both of you to destroy these traitors. That is my decree.

 Laszlo: Time to kill some peasants! Mwa ha ha!

 Alaric: I fully support this.

 Freyda: Hmm. This seems somewhat out of the ordinary. But I can’t quite put two and two together.

 Laszlo: Squeal, pig! Squeal!

 Peasant: Oh… my children!

 Laszlo: Mu hu hu hwa hwa ha ha ha! Genocide make Laszlo hard!

 Freyda: Somehow this feels a little wrong. Perhaps I am overreacting.

 Red Soldiers: Why hello there. We are your reinforcements.

 Freyda: What’s with the new helmets and funny shaped shields?

 Red Soldiers: That’s because we are eeeeevil… er… just trying something new. Take us along. You won’t regret it.

 Lord Caldwell: Our hundreds of well trained, loyal troops are no match for your red soldiers.

 Freyda: Uncle, how could you do this. Why did you betray us.

 Lord Caldwell: Are you blind? Open your eyes, Freyda. Look at the signs. It is so very obvious. Oh, I am slain.

 Archbishop Randall: Oh, I am also slain.

 Alaric: Two rebel leaders have been vanquished. Now, let us journey to Castle Horncrest and the Stag Duchy. There’s still the matter of Duke Duncan.

 Freyda: I thought Markal killed Duncan.

 Alaric: Just like he ‘killed’ you right? Let’s just say Markal skipped a few classes at the international school of villainy.

 Freyda: I see. Well, to the Stag Duchy.

 Laszlo: Hey guys. Laszlo just finished killing some babies. What’d Laszlo miss?