Flying to the Rescue – Chapter 2: Tearing the Veil

 Zehir: A battle against the red army, followed by a demon ambush? What do you have to say for yourself?

 Red Priest: Please forgive me. I had no idea we were evil!

 Zehir: Your excuses are amazing.

 Red Priest: We priests know of a magical rite that will purge the demons of their illusion. You’ll have to find two of my friends: a priest and a zealot.

 Zehir: That doesn’t sound too bad.

 Red Priest: You’ll also have to find one of those other things…

 Zehir: Mmm-hmm?

 Red Priest: You know… that thing… with the other thing…

 Zehir: Which is?

 Red Priest: The thing you get after visiting obelisks… wandering around for days… digging…

 Zehir: Oh, you mean a Tear of Asha. For a ritual? I don’t get it.

 Red Priest: It’s called a MacGuffin.

 Zehir: Okay, this Tear of Asha was too easy to find… and the priest and zealot were just standing there. Maybe these chapters are getting easier.

 Devils: We have appeared to engage your puny army, by order of the scenario writer!

 Zehir: The Havens have become Infernos again. Well, I guess that wraps up this chap…

 Freyda: You must be Zah-heer.

 Zehir: Ah. I knew it wouldn’t be so easy.

 Duncan: Ahem… please excuse Freyda’s rudeness. Now, I’m going to suddenly become the world’s biggest dick for no reason.

 Freyda: Flirt, flirt. Sexual innuendo.

 Zehir: How is it possible that in every cut-scene, I end up looking like the most mature of the bunch?

 Duncan: To move the plot along, I’ll just casually start dropping names of characters that you couldn’t possibly know, such as Wulfstan.

 Zehir: Wulfstan? Whoever he is, I feel compelled to visit him. You guys mop up the rest of the demons, I’m gonna go see my new best friend, Wulfstan.

 Duncan: Ooooh! I will accompany you!

 Freyda: *cracks whip*

 Duncan: Aww…