Freyda’s Dilemma – Chapter 4: Negotiations

 Alaric: We have arrived at the garrison dividing the Griffin Empire from the dwarven lands.

 Laszlo: Stupid dwarves and their Scottish accents. Laszlo tired of bagpipes. We invade and kill all of them, now!

 Alaric: Hold on a moment. We have agreed to a parley.

 Freyda: I will do the talking. Can someone shut Laszlo up?

 Shieldguard: Hmm. I’ll let Freyda pass, but only if she agrees not to leave red troops behind. However, she may bring blue troops, but just enough to allow her the means to make a calculated escape should things go awry.

 Shieldguard: Also, there will be a very expensive toll.

 Freyda: These dwarves speak in riddles.

 Shieldguard: Look lady, don’t fuck with us. Bring us gold and leave behind your bad-ass super-soldier red army. It’s that easy.

 Freyda: Sounds good.

 Freyda: Okay, team. I’ll go get Prince Andrei from Tor Hrall. Alaric, please make sure Laszlo doesn’t do anything stupid. I swear, if he screws this up…

 Alaric: I don’t like these arrogant dwarven demands, but go and make it quick.

 Freyda: Ooh, nice halls. I come in peace. Where is Prince Andrei? We are very worried about him.

 Wulfstan: He’s safe. Where’s Duncan? I trust he is safe as well? We have a dwarven saying, lass…

 Messenger: Emergency! Laszlo is attacking our gate! The humans have betrayed us!

 Laszlo: Now Laszlo mad! *smash*

 Freyda: #$@^&*@#!

 Wulfstan: Diplomatic mission my ass. Guards! Take her back to the border.

 Rolf: What!? She’s a valuable prisoner.

 Wulfstan: Hey, sinister-looking, obviously evil brother of mine, I gave my word that she’d be given safe passage and I’m sticking to it.

 Rolf: Weak fool. You may have given your word, but I did not. I will hunt her down! Prepare the army!

 Freyda: When Asha handed out brains, Laszlo thought she said trains and stepped out of the way.

 Paladin: Milady, Rolf is hot on our heels. We had better hurry back to the gate.

 Freyda: No, I’ve had enough of this madness. I am finished with their slaughters and insanities. Alaric, Laszlo, and St. Isabel can all kiss my armored ass. I’m going to war with all of them now.

 Paladin: Okay, well. Your anarchist sentiment is commendable. But we should still get out of here. Rolf’s army is pretty angry.

 Freyda: You’re right. Let’s go.

 Paladin: …

 Freyda: How come Rolf isn’t chasing me around? Damn this bad enemy AI programming.

Meanwhile, underground…

 Thralsai: I am sooo angry. Curse Raelag for killing my family!

 Shadya: Well helllllo there, my Soulscar friend.

 Thralsai: You! You were Raelag’s right hand woman. Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t kill you on the spot.

 Shadya: Want to join the demons?

 Thralsai: Really? Yay!