Wulfstan’s Defiance – Chapter 5: Laszlo

 Wulfstan: Hey, this looks just like a map from the first campaign. Excellent continuity!

 Duncan: …or lazy map making.

 Wulfstan: Tor Hrall! What happened to my beautiful fortress? All the precious upgrades, gone!

 Duncan: Freyda… Freyda… she’s in danger. We must distract Laszlo and the red army so she can escape!

 Duncan: If word gets around, they’ll kill Godric. Then how will I ask him for his daughter’s hand in marriage!?

 Laszlo: Crush! Kill! Destroy! The world is Laszlo’s oyster!

 Duncan: His army is three times the size of mine. Not to mention these red troops are unfairly overpowered! That means it’s time to…

 Duncan: …ruuuuunnnnnnnn!

 Laszlo: Laszlo chase! Laszlo chase! Ahh! Laszlo stuck in the snow.

 Wulfstan: Aye. This lad’s a tough one.

 Voice of Elrath: Uuuuuuse the quiiiiick combaaaaaaaaat.

 Wulfstan: Holy smokes. It worked!

 Laszlo: Laszlo confused. Meteors raining down on my head, but I not dead!?

 Duncan: Yeah, this is quite peculiar.

Meanwhile, back in the Griffin Empire, in a grassy field.

 Freyda: Father! Isabel said you were imprisoned below ground in the deepest dungeon in the Griffin Empire! What are you doing out here?

 Godric: No time to explain Freyda… I am dying.

 Godric: Amidst all the tortures, I had only one fear…

 Godric: …that I would not be able to leave the dark dungeon, put on my armor, and lay here in the grass to see you one last time before dying.

 Freyda: Father! We must fight the Griffin Empire together! All of our allies are incompetent. We need you.

 Godric: Goodbye… Freyda. Now I go to a better place.

 Voice of Elrath: Calm yourself. We are here to empower you, Freyda.

 Freyda: Why did you wait until now to show up Elrath? If you had come sooner, so many lives would not have been lost… least of all my father’s.

 Voice of Elrath: We dragons of Ashan are colossal dicks.

 Voice of Elrath: Now close your eyes as we put into action the most convoluted sequence of events you will ever see in this game.

 Godric: *dramatic death*

 Freyda: Do not waaaaaaaaaaaaaant!

Somehow, Freyda’s screams travel through a series of conveniently placed warp gates, the last of which is close to Laszlo.

 Duncan: What’s going on!? Who’s screaming!? None of this makes sense.

 Laszlo: *explodes into bloody chunks*

 Wulfstan: Just go with it. Laszlo is dead and Horncrest is ours for the taking.

 Duncan: That voice sounded like Freyda’s. She must have screamed into a portal and the cascading waves of transferred energy from portal to portal became an insurmountable force to be reckoned with. Yes, that must be it.

 Voice of Elrath: Well, back to ignoring the affairs of my human worshippers.

 Lorenzo: …hello there ol’ bloke. It’s me again. Little ol’ me. Pleased to make your acquaintance. Cheerio. Yup yup. One final battle. A bit anti-climactic, I would say. Yes, I certainly do say so myself. Very good. Right-o.

 Andreas: My name iz Andreas and I have come to avenge my last defeat. Bow before my superiority. Ze time to die iz now!

 Wulfstan: Go get ‘em!

 Magma Dragons: Flame! Flame! Nom! Nom!