The Necromancer – Chapter 2: The Attack

Godric: What!? Markal is working with us now? Are you out of your fucking mind!? He is evil! This is worse than treachery!

Isabel: Silence, Godric. Markal is under my protection!

Godric: I exiled him from the Griffin Empire the day Queen Fiona died. He corrupted her mind with his schemes and treacheries and shall do the same to you. Think of our people! Think of their future!

Isabel: Screw the empire. I miss Nicolai. And have you forgotten that we are completely intolerant of other religions and hate the wizards?

Godric: Those bastards.

Godric: Wait… don’t change the subject!

Isabel: Think about it this way. You and I hate the wizards, right?

Godric: Well, they have been neutral. But yes I suppose I do hate them for inexplicable reasons.

Isabel: Then we should obviously trust Markal the horrible necromancer!

Godric: That makes no logical sense at all.

Isabel: I am the queen, Godric, not you! I say we are going to help Markal, and by your oath sworn to Nicolai as he lay dying on the battlefield, I am dragging you into this and making you do all the grunt work. Griffin eternal! *casts random spell*

Godric: Nicolai… what have you unleashed?

Markal: A-ha! We have captured Lorekeep. This was once a center of great research. But all because we raised a few people from the dead, the goody-goods burned it to the ground. I shall stay here and restore its former splendor. *casts random spell*

Godric: That’s an awful lot of spires and obelisks you’re building, Markal.

Markal: I cannot wait until my revenge upon the wizards… and Godric. If not for those fanatics, my master Sandro would not have died the final death. I miss my master…

Isabel: Sandro? Could you be referring to…

Sandro: NO!

Isabel: But why would Markal’s master be named Sandro if not…


Godric: *huff puff* All this wizard killing makes an old man tired.

Markal: Isabel, my queen. Congratulations on your excellent leadership. You taught those wizards a lesson they shall not soon forget.

Godric: But Isabel just sat around and recruited low level creatures, barking about being a warrior queen. I’m the one who actually found the Amulet of Necromancy.

Markal: Mind your manners, Godric. I’m trying to brown-nose. Now kindly hand over the artifact.

Godric: And plunge the world into darkness? Not likely.

Isabel: I am the queen, and I say Godric should hold on to it for now.

Godric: Finally, some sense. Perhaps Isabel isn’t the dimwit we all assumed. Griffin eternal! *casts random spell*

Markal: Even better. Griffin undying! Hu hu hu. *casts random spell*

Godric: This is bullshit.

Sandro: I agree.