Freyda’s Dilemma – Chapter 3: Duncan

 Alaric: No time for rest. St. Isabel demands an audience.

 Freyda: Her wish is my command.

 St. Isabel: Freyda. I have heard reports that you question my methods.

 Freyda: My queen. Why are you speaking to me through a flame? That’s so… demon-like. Also, Alaric is killing innocent children.

 St. Isabel: You are much like Godric with your whining. Of course, I’ve imprisoned him for his insolence.

 Freyda: WHAT!?

 St. Isabel: If you fail me… then rape rape rape.

 Freyda: I don’t like the sound of that. Hmm… I’m beginning to suspect something is not right here.

 Duncan: So… I should probably mention that my duchy is being invaded a crazy priest, a psycho murderer, and the woman of my dreams!

 Alaric: You rebel scum. Where is Prince Andrei?

 Duncan: Oh, you mean the rightful heir to the throne? He’s with some dwarves.

 Alaric: You left him with dwarves!?

 Duncan: What, you didn’t think the developers would find some way to shoehorn the new faction into the main storyline?

 Alaric: What insolence! What disgrace!

 Laszlo: I can do things to you that will scare the trees.

 Freyda: …

 Duncan: …

 Alaric: …

 Freyda: Anyway, we should not kill Duncan. Doing so will only make him a martyr and strengthen the rebellion.

 Alaric: Hmm. That does make sense. Very well, take him to prison.

 Laszlo: Aww. Laszlo sad.

 Alaric: Come now, Laszlo. Let us leave Freyda to her business… because she COULDN’T POSSIBLY WANT TO BETRAY US.

 Freyda: Well, looks like I just spared you the death sentence. Have a nice life, Duncan. I have bigger things to worry about, like rescuing my father.

 Duncan: OMG, you are hot.

 Freyda: I should warn you that my vagina has teeth.

 Duncan: Oh.

 Guard: Move along now.