Ylaya’s Quest – Chapter 1: The Spy

 Ylaya: Eye of newt, toe of frog!

 Daughter of Malassa: Ylaya, my most faithful servant. The Soulscar clan is up to no good.

 Ylaya: What are they doing?

 Daughter of Malassa: I do not know. You are going to find out for me.

 Ylaya: If you don’t know, how come you think the Soulscar clan is up to no good?

 Daughter of Malassa: Because they are. You need to find me the proof.

 Ylaya: So, there is a rite site somewhere. I don’t know how I know this. But I just do.

 Ylaya: And there are so many patrols on the street. I must take care to use hidden paths.

 Seer: Ylaya! You must find the mage towers. Only then can you find the answers you seek.

 Ylaya: Mage towers? Like the buildings where you can recruit Magi?

 Seer: No. The shacks that reveal part of the map.

 Ylaya: Oh those. But they just reveal troops. And when I defeat them, it fills in a puzzle map.

 Ylaya: Wait, what’s this? *sneak sneak*

 Shadya: Want to join the demons?

 Thralsai: Really? Yay!

 Ylaya: Ah, so this chapter takes place around the same time Freyda escaped from Rolf after negotiations went awry. Not that I would know anything about that.

 Ylaya: Wait a minute. Why did I even go through the trouble of finding mage towers?

 Seer: You didn’t. Mwa ha ha ha ha!

 Thralsai: I hear rustling. It must be a spy. Send the troops and hunt him down!

 Ylaya: Him? I’m not a ‘him.’ Did you not notice see my enormous boobs, curvaceous figure, and sultry voice?

 Ylaya: Er… toodles!