The Necromancer – Chapter 5: The Lord of Heresh

 Isabel: Okay Godric, give me the amulet so Markal can revive Nicolai.

 Godric: No.

 Isabel: Hand it over, Godric.

 Godric: No.

 Isabel: I want the amulet.

 Godric: No.

 Markal: This is going nowhere, my Queen. We shall have to find a different method. Hu hu hu hu.

 Isabel: So you choose treachery over chivalry, Godric. Make no mistake. When Nicolai comes back, he’ll be the first to punish you.

 Godric: So you choose stupidity over intelligence, Isabel. The internet community sides with me, so begone!

 Markal: Perhaps we can use his daughter as bait. Let us return to Lorekeep and pay a visit to its dungeons.

 Freyda: …

 Markal: Ah… so pretty when mind-controlled. When Godric comes to rescue Freyda, I’ll take the-

 Angels: We’ve come for the girl. Stand down, necromancer.

 Markal: You’d think Godric would send a few extra angels to fight my army. After all, I managed to single-handedly take down the Silver Cities and kill Cyrus.

 Angels: Arrrrgh! We now return to Elrath, body, mind, and spirit!

 Markal: Well, before you go, let me cut off your wings and wear them.

 Markal: *slice slice*

 Freyda: …

 Markal: These wings fit very comfortably. Now, I shall fly over these mountains.

 Skeleton Archer: How do you plan to carry your horse?

 Markal: Shut up, you bag of bones. As for you, my dear. I think you’ll enjoy life as one of the undead.

 Freyda: Arrrrgh! I’ve turned into three ghosts.

 Markal: I’m sooooo eeeeeeeevil! *casts random spell*

 Isabel: Markal is such a gentleman. He’s willing to make hard choices for the good of the Griffin Empire.

 Godric: I have an army of Academy troops waiting. You may have killed my daughter, but you’ll never kill my spirit.

 Markal: Perhaps not. But I do have the puppet master spell and it’s very effective.

 Godric: If you could mind-control people all along, whey didn’t you just mind control me?

 Markal: Oh, right. Hmm…

 Godric: Defeated, again. I’ve been ignored or abused by just about everybody.

 Isabel: Oh come, Godric. Just give us the ring already. With Nicolai returned, he will want you by his side.

 Godric: The Nicolai I knew is dead. You’re trying to raise a shadow of a former man who will know neither reason nor sense!

 Isabel: You made a promise to my husband as he lay dying on the battlefield. Now fulfill your oath or be forever known as the guy who stood by his convictions and refused to listen to Markal! *casts random spell*

 Godric: I can live with that. *casts random spell*

 Isabel: Even if there’s 99.9% chance that Nicolai will return as a mindless minion of the undead, isn’t that 0.01% chance that he’ll be my loving, caring husband enough to justify the atrocities we’ve committed?

 Godric: No.

 Isabel: Guards, take him away! *casts random spell*

 Squires: Durr, yes milady.

 Markal: You know, Godric shouldn’t be left alive. I really think you should kill him now. *casts random spell*

 Isabel: Couldn’t you just mind control him?

 Markal: Yes, I suppose.

 Isabel: Why don’t you?

 Markal: Just don’t feel like it.

 Isabel: Well then, his life shall be spared. We still need him around for a later campaign.

 Markal: Let us hope you do not live to regret this. *casts random spell*