The Will of Asha – Chapter 4: Beasts and Bones

 Orlando: Ha ha. You can’t catch me.

 Arantir: Oooh! He really grinds my gears!

 Ornella: Steve… what are you doing here? I thought we agreed we’d stop seeing each other.

 Champion: Ornella… you broke my heart. You left me for that terrible man. He didn’t even have a horse!

 Ornella: I told you, we needed to move on. We needed a change. It’s not you. It’s me.

 Champion: *sob* For your father’s sake, I will tell you that the demon cult regards Flammschrein as its base of operations. But the way is difficult. You should take the secret, underground path that only I know about.

 Arantir: We’ll take it. Asha uses all. Even ex-boyfriends.

 Champion: Heh heh.

 Arantir: Boy, this tunnel’s getting pretty hot. Asha uses all.

 Demon Army: You just got ambushed, boy!

 Arantir: No. It is I who has ambushed you! Asha uses all.

 Demon Army: Nooooo.

 Arantir: You lied to us. Now you die. Asha uses all.

 Champion: Nooooo.

 Ornella: Men.

 Arantir: Now we’ll close this demon portal. Asha uses all.

 Inquisitor: Please don’t kill me. I just want to remind you that not all Haven troops are bad, just the ones that wear red.

 Arantir: I want to kill you, but I can’t. The mouse turns into a sword, but I can’t click on you. Asha uses all.

 Ornella: Die orcs!

 Arantir: Hello orc lady. Nice boobs. Asha uses all.

 Kujin: I am a shaman. I am not the leader. You are the spider. The bones tell a tale. There is great danger coming. You will determine the future of Ashan. There is a Skull of Shadows you must find. I am most impressed by you. We also hate the demons. You’ll meet me in the next campaign again. I talk a lot.

 Arantir: Nice going. Orlando got away again.

 Ornella: Asha uses all?

 Arantir: Good. You’re learning. Asha uses all.