The Cultist – Chapter 2: The Promise

 Biara: So why did Erasial call you a traitor? Naturally, I already know the answer, but I’m really just testing you.

 Agrael: I guess I should mention that I’ve had a change of heart and now question Kha-Beleth’s plans.

 Agrael: But somehow, he already knew about my independent streak. I wonder who spied on me.

 Biara: Er… not me. Heh heh.

 Biara: Oh wait, is your plan to kill the Demon Sovereign and take his place? If so, then I totally support that. In fact, it makes me hot… and fiery.

 Agrael: Well, the plan is actually to run away with Isabel but… oh wait, I mean… yes… I’m really trying to be the new Demon Sovereign.

 Biara: So the first step is…

 Agrael: Let’s go get the Heart of the Griffin. I need it to protect myself from demons like you. Er… I mean to protect us from demons who will try to collect my head.

 Biara: They buried King Nicolai in some unnamed desert? How barbaric.

 Agrael: The guards were a cinch, but here comes real trouble.

 Veyer: I am three times your size, puny Agrael. I think it’s clear now that you’ve been given the short end of the stick.

 Agrael: But in video game rules, smaller characters are more agile. And so, I’ve managed to snatch the Heart of the Griffin from Nicolai’s dead body with just enough time to blast you away! *fwooooosh*

 Veyer: Nooooooo!

 Mysterious Spirit: You handled the Heart of the Griffin. You must not really be a demon.

 Agrael: Who are you and why have you been creepily watching over Nicolai’s exposed corpse the entire time?

 Mysterious Spirit: Ahh. Now I see. Yes. It has all become clear. Now I understand. The answers are in my head. It was so easy.

 Agrael: Care to explain?

 Mysterious Spirit: No. Not really.

 Mysterious Spirit: I am the legendary Tieru. I am communicating with you through astral projection. It’s a lazy but convenient way to move the plot along, you see.

 Agrael: Hmmph.

 Tieru: A demon messiah is coming. He will have his own game. It will be riddled with bugs. It will be panned by critics. There will be an annoying succubus named Xana. But no matter. We must prevent this from happening.

 Agrael: What are you talking about?

 Tieru: I am living by myself in the middle of an archipelago, South of the Elven capital in Irollan, surrounded by dangerous monsters and traps. Trample your way through my beloved Elven lands and I shall explain everything.

 Agrael: Why can’t you tell me now? And why do you want me to destroy your home country?

 Tieru: If I tell you now, how can you meet the quota of five full chapters in your campaign? Cease this logical thinking and make haste to visit me at my island of uncertain death.