The Mage – Chapter 5: Zehir’s Hope

 Zehir: For a campaign called ‘The Mage,’ I didn’t get to do all that much.

 Godric: We are in Sheogh but have no troops. Can you tweak the Heart of the Griffin to transport our troops here from the Griffin Empire?

 Zehir: Sure. Give me a second. *tinker tinker*


 Squire: So I says to ‘im, give me two cows for those farthings. And ‘ee says to me– *WHOOOOOSH*

 Squire: What the hell!?

 Zehir: I think that worked a little too well.

 Godric: Let’s get as much mileage out of this thing as possible. Keep bringing troops here from every corner of Ashan. We need all the help we can get!

 Sprites: What the- how did we get here?

 Assassins: Hey, we were eating! What gives?

 Hunters: This is madness! We have been teleported!

 Mages: This is unethical!

 Blood Furies: Whoa! We’re suddenly in Sheogh!

 Zehir: That should do nicely.

 Findan: Can you fix the Heart of the Griffin so it can hone in on Isabel’s signal and transport her to us? That would save us a lot of time.

 Zehir: Heavens, no.

 Raelag: The path to the Demon Sovereign’s palace is blocked by Ur-Hekal. There resides Biara. I need to have a word or two with her.

 Godric: Come! Let’s split up and then attack her from multiple angles.

 Biara: I have been defeated but it’s too late for you and your friends. Isabel is with Kha-Beleth and there’s nothing you can do to get me to talk.

 Findan: Maybe I shouldn’t have let you go after you killed Tieru at the Dragonmist Islands.

 Raelag: This is for Isabel! *casts spell*

 Biara: Arrrgh!

 Raelag: This is for Shadya! *casts spell*

 Biara: Hey, I was Shadya.

 Raelag: And this is for LOOOOOOOOVE! I don’t want to wait! For our lives to be over! *casts spell*

 Biara: Okay, you win! Stop with the singing. Follow me and I’ll take you to Isabel.

 Zehir: This is obviously a trap.

 Raelag: That’s okay. Love is blind! Send all the traps you want, Kha-Beleth! I will rush in head-on, for LOOOOOOVE!

 Godric: I don’t agree with this strategy.

 Findan: Too late. There goes Raelag.

 Kha-Beleth: So you’ve made it this far. No matter. Queen Isabel has already been marked and will bear my child. You are too late to stop me.

 Kha-Beleth: In fact, you can take her back. Of course, there is one condition. Raelag, you must kill your allies.

 Raelag: I won’t do that. And in case you haven’t figured it out, I am actually Agrael.

 Kha-Beleth: Obviously.

 Raelag: I will never betray my friends. I love them even more than I love Isabel.

 Findan: Now this is getting kind of creepy.

 Kha-Beleth: If you will not join me. Then you will all die here! *casts meteor shower*

 Raelag: Take this!

 Findan: And this!

 Godric: And that!

 Zehir: Methinks the writing in this game will garner some serious awards. So dramatic.

 Kha-Beleth: You may have won this battle, but I will be back. *disappears*

 Findan: We should leave Isabel here for she is tainted.

 Isabel: Hey! I’m right here.

 Raelag: No. Isabel is fine. Trust me. Let’s go.

 Zehir: If we take her back to the Silver Cities, I can try to cure her. Sar-Elam was a greater mage than even Kha-Beleth.

 Godric: Well, Kha-Beleth wasn’t a mage at all, so…

 Raelag: We’re taking Isabel back and that’s final!

 Findan: How do we even be sure this is really Isabel? Where did that succubus go? Remember what the Demon Sovereign just said to us before he teleported away?

 Raelag: Hey, are you the real Isabel?

 Isabel: I sure am.

 Raelag: See? All is well!

 Findan: I wash my hands of this decision. If ill comes of this, the fault shall lie with the rest of you.

 Raelag: Then don’t bother making an appearance in the expansions. Now if you don’t mind, I’d like to find a way out of Sheogh.

 Zehir: Good point. Where are we, anyway?

 Assassins: Our food is getting cold, back home.

Much later…

 Godric: Boy, I’m glad that’s over. Looks like we never bothered to fix the chapel where you got married. Maybe we should do that now.

 Isabel: I think we should start a new faith here… with the Demon Sovereign as the head of the church… heh heh.

 Godric: Did you say something, Isabel?

 Isabel: Oh. I said these doors need repairing.

 Findan: I TOLD YOU SO!