Ylaya’s Quest – Chapter 2: The Break

 Ylaya: I’m taking a quick break from my grand escape to denounce the Soulscar as demon-worshipping heretics!

 Blood Sister: True dat!

 Ylaya: We must go and warn the Shadowbrand clan about this treachery.

 Blood Sister: Preach it, sista!

 Ylaya: There are three garrisons we must break through. Each one with a specific time limit. If we don’t, Thralsai’s lackeys will hunt us down.

 Thralsai: Three weeks!? I want you to bring Ylaya to me NOW!

 Eruina: Sorry. Those are union rules.

 Thralsai: I gave you a simple mission to hunt down the spy. Why do you give her three weeks to escape?

 Ylaya: We’re in the clear! That was easy.

 Thralsai: This incompetence. Fetch me my set of torture knives.

 Eruina: *hides*


 Tolghar: What’s going on, guys? Why are these people in armor? Who are we fighting?

 Hangvul: My king, the morale is low. The dark elves hide in the shadows and use poison to trick our troops. If only they had a brave and strong leader as guidance.

 Rolf: Yes, if only.

 Tolghar: Well, I suppose I could go lead them to do whatever it is we’re doing.

 Rolf: You? Perhaps that’s not the best idea. Are you strong enough, my lord?

 Hangvul: Yes, we need you here to fill out paperwork. That’s obviously way more important than the battlefield. *push push*

 Tolghar: That’s it! I’m going to lead these troops and that’s final!

 Rolf: It worked. Now, it will be a matter of time before I become king.

 Hangvul: *high five*