The Necromancer – Chapter 3: The Invasion

 Markal: That idiot Cyrus broke the Lich Cowl into four parts.

 Skeleton Archer 1: Technically, that makes Cyrus smart… because you know, an artifact in four parts makes it harder to reassemble-

 Skeleton Archer 2: And also, it’s called the Vampire’s Garment, not the Lich Cowl… I think you’re getting senile.

 Skeleton Archer 1: We already have the Amulet of Necromancy, but we still have to get the Ring of the Unrepentant, the Staff of the Netherworld, and the Cloak of Death’s Shadow.

 Skeleton Archer 2: How do these things combine into a garment again? It’s physically impossible.

 Markal: Silence! How dare you mock me!

 Isabel: Markal, are you ready to launch our invasion of the Silver Cities?

 Markal: Yes. These wizards are in for a deadly surprise. Hu hu hu hu hu. *casts random spell*

 Faiz: Don’t ask me why I carry around the Staff of the Netherworld. I just do.

 Markal: Well, your staff now belongs to me. Also, I’m going to transform your city into a Necropolis.

 Isabel: You know, the ability to destroy enemy cities would have come in very handy in the previous chapter HAD YOU BOTHERED TO TELL US ABOUT IT!

 Markal: Boy, I’d really like an army of 1,000 skeletons. Man, that’d be really great.

 Isabel: Why do you want 1,000 skeletons? Why not bone dragons? Why not vampires? Why not liches?

 Markal: I have methods to my madness. Or perhaps just madness.

 Skeletons: We were raised from the corpses of dead gremlins. That’s why we’re so short.

 Markal: Excellent, with my 1,000 midget skeletons, nobody will stand in my way! *casts random spell*

 Jhora: I’ve finally caught up with you. Implosion!

 Skeletons: Aaaargh! *999 skeletons lost*

 Markal: Do you not know how long it took to assemble these troops? For that, you will pay.

 Jhora: You’ve bested me this time, necromancer. But I’ll be baaaaack! Also, have my cloak.

 Markal: The Cloak of Death’s Shadow. I am one step closer to world domination, er… I mean helping the Griffin Empire! *casts random spell*

 Elves: Oh! A sailing we will go!

 Elves: This is the best vacation ever!

 Isabel: Elves meddling in our affairs? How dare they sail into neutral waters! Off with their heads. Griffin eternal! *casts random spell*

 Elves: Arrgh! Whyyyyyyyyyyy!

 Isabel: Once again, good people must die for opposing our plans. Oh Nicolai, my love, please tell me I’m doing the right thing.

 Nicolai: *turns over*

 Markal: The only wizard Academy that remains is the capital. And there, Cyrus will meet his end. *casts random spell*

 Cyrus: I’m Cyrus. You may have been exposed to a lot of slander from Markal and his allies regarding my beliefs and lifestyle. But I’m actually a very nice and considerate old man.

 Markal: Cyrus holds the final artifact. And it will be mine!

 Cyrus: Whoops, looks like I’m being attacked. Time to make my escape through this conveniently placed portal to the next chapter. Wish me luck, guys.

 Markal: You can run but you cannot hide, you pathetic worm. The sands in your hourglass fall quickly indeed! *casts random spell*