The Warlock – Chapter 4: The March

 Shadya: When you said you would travel hundreds of miles without stopping, I thought you were speaking metaphorically.

 Raelag: I don’t know the meaning of the word. No really, I don’t.

 Dead Black Dragon: I am so dead.

 Raelag: Malassa’s bile! The demons have killed this black dragon who was also a keymaster who lived in a tent. This means instead of traveling hundreds of miles without stopping, we’re going to travel thousands of miles.

 Shadya: Oh joy…

 Raelag: If we’re fast enough, we can catch Veyer’s army at the border before they enter into the Griffin Empire.

 Shadya: Clanlord, how do you know where Veyer is going or what path he will take? Aren’t there multiple garrisons between Sheogh and the Griffin Empire? And how do you know where Isabel will be at that time?

 Raelag: Uh… well… I guess I just kind of know from my years as a-

 Grawl: Fancy meeting you here, traitor!

 Raelag: Oh look, if it isn’t demon lord Grawl, here with his precious cerberi and pit lords. You pathetic worm. You filthy swine. You deviant.

 Grawl: Hey, hey… now you’ve gone and hurt my feelings. After all that help I gave you in Irollan…

 Raelag: You may or may not have the key that we need to proceed! Hand it over, or else!

 Grawl: Actually, I was just leaving.

 Raelag: Oh no you don’t! Come assist me, Shadya.

 Shadya: Uh… no. I think I’m better suited as an observer. Don’t take it personally, but this is sort of a conflict of interest.

 Raelag: Gimme that key!

 Grawl: No, you can’t have it!

 Raelag: Gimme!

 Grawl: No!

 Raelag: *smash*

 Grawl: Okay, fine. Take the key! But you’ll see me several more times before this story comes to an end. Mark my words!

 Raelag: Ah… good ol’ Sheogh. My former haunting grounds. It’s as fiery as ever!

 Shadya: You could use that artifact of yours from the previous chapter to find out which direction we should travel. You know, the one that lets you conveniently spy on the Demon Sovereign and other demons whenever you feel like it. That could really help us right now, I think.

 Raelag: Nah!