The Necromancer – Chapter 1: The Temptation

Markal: Queen Fiona, or should I say, decomposed remains of Queen Fiona encased in carbonite like Han Solo in the middle of a swamp.

Markal: Soon, we will have our revenge on the living. Let us travel the Griffin Empire!

Faiz: Of all the places to patrol, they send me to the ‘Canyon of Buried Alive.’

Markal: *sneak sneak*

Faiz: Hey! Stop that necromancer!

Markal: Whoop-whoop-whoop-whoop!

Isabel: I don’t understand why the rebels don’t accept me as their queen. I have plenty of executive experience.

Paladin: …

Isabel: Half the kingdom feels Archbishop Randall and Prince Andrei should be on the throne instead of me. It’s not easy being A WARRIOR QUEEN!

Glen: I am Glen, sent by Duke Duncan of the Stag Duchy to remove you from the throne!

Isabel: Aren’t you Claus? I swear I hired you last week at a tavern.

Glen: No, my name is Glen. Prepare to be defeated! But first, let us stand here and stare at each other’s army for a few days in case someone wants to break up our fight.

Markal: Glorious. If I eliminate this rebel with my festering army of the undead, Isabel is sure to trust me.

Glen: Ahh… the plague. It’s got me! Runnnn!

Isabel: I’m grouchy from not sleeping. What do you want from me and why is there a festering army of the undead with you?

Markal: I’m here to see Nicolai. Hu hu hu.

Isabel: You sick man. Nicolai is dead.

Markal: No. No. I am an astrologer and mage. I was a close friend of his mother, Queen Fiona. I know these are random facts I’m throwing at you, but did you know I can also bring Nicolai back?

Isabel: Bring Nicolai back? I do not understand. The dead cannot return.

Skeleton Archer: Ahem.

Markal: Of course… I speak of uh… Asha’s spider goddess form and some such. You know, the power over life and death.

Isabel: I still don’t understand. What spider? What are you talking about? Asha is a dragon.

Markal: Okay, do you see this skeleton?

Skeleton Archer: *blink blink*

Markal: I brought him back to life. And I can bring Nicolai back too.

Isabel: You speak of necromancy! Are you mad?

Markal: Sort of, yeah.

Isabel: You’ll have us all burned at the stake for heresy! Although… it would be nice to bring Nicolai back.

Paladin: Milady, please think logically.

Isabel: On one hand, we’d be creating a mindless, undead king to rule the Griffin Empire and our citizens' lives will literally become hell. On the other, I get my Nicolai-poo back! This is the most difficult decision I’ve ever had to make.

Markal: Well… I suppose I could always leave and help some other queen raise her husband from the grave. Toodles.

Isabel: Wait! You have yourself a deal! But you must swear that you won’t turn out to be an evil bastard.

Markal: I swear upon the welfare of the Griffin Empire. Hu hu hu.

Isabel: Very well, I trust you completely. Now, what must we do to begin the process to revive Nicolai with the forbidden arts?

Markal: We need several artifacts. Also, there’s the tiny matter of invading the wizards of the Silver Cities and killing their king, Cyrus.

Isabel: Like you, I have no interest in diplomacy nor politics. War solves every dispute.

Paladin: Milady, we can’t take war so lightly.

Isabel: King Cyrus did nothing to help us when we were attacked by demons. This is time for payback. It is only fitting that we launch a full scale invasion upon the Silver Cities and commit horrendous genocide.

Paladin: …

Isabel: The WARRIOR QUEEN has spoken! Griffin eternal! *casts random spell*