The Warlock – Chapter 2: The Expansion

 Keeper of the Law: What will you do now, Chief of the Shadowbrand?

 Raelag: We’re about to be wiped out, right? Then the best thing to do is bolster our numbers through conquest. I envision a united nation of dark elves, no longer splintered into feuding clans. As for how I’ll accomplish that… I haven’t thought that far ahead yet.

 Keeper of the Law: You’d better find Malsara, the daughter of Malassa. Dragons know everything about everything. And your pipe dream fits into that category.

 Raelag: I’d better be on my way then.

 Raelag: Well now, there’s a shack here. Whatever could be inside? A gnome? A leprechaun?

 Shack: Step away from the shack!

 Raelag: What the…

 Malsara: It is I, Malsara. The daughter of Malassa.

 Raelag: You live in a shack?

 Malsara: It is a long story. It was the year-

 Raelag: I don’t care about that. How do I unite the clans?

 Malsara: Honest, ambitious, dangerous… that is what you are.

 Raelag: Uh… thanks. You’re not answering my question.

 Malsara: Bring me a Tear of Asha. Here’s a lot of history about Asha and Urgash that won’t help you one bit in your quest.

 Raelag: You still haven’t answered my question. Okay, just forget it. I’m out of here.

 Raelag: Ah… the surface world. I wonder if Clan Nightshard will be my allies or my enemies.

 Eruina: We’re going to be your enemies! Duh!

 Raelag: Then prepare to have your dungeons taken over by my army.

 Shadya: Greetings, Clanlord! I come to join your cause.

 Raelag: Oh, a groupie. You can sign up outside. Talk to Sorgal.

 Sorgal: Shadowbrand Secretary Sorgal, at your service.

 Shadya: Don’t brush me off, Clanlord. I’ve been fighting the Nightshard for years. Would I lie? Let me be your right hand woman. I am a master of assassination and seduction.

 Raelag: Oh, kind of like a succubus.

 Shadya: Uh… er… well, no… not exactly. *gulp*

 Raelag: You know, I had a right hand woman once. It didn’t work out all that well. What was her name? It’s on the tip of my tongue… Bia-

 Shadya: Ah-heh-heh… You know what? I’ll go sign up with Sorgal after all. See you on the battlefield.

 Sorgal: Write your name here, here, and here. Also, take off your top so I can conduct the visual inspection. Heh heh.

 Kythra: Two-timer! *smack*

 Sorgal: I was kidding. Geez. Women.

 Kythra: Raelag, have you seen my bra?

 Raelag: No.

 Kythra: Well, tell me if you see it. This belt is a little uncomfortable.

 Raelag: Quickly! The Nightshard have called for help from their allies, the Soulscar! We must stop them and their scarred souls!

 Sorgal: Let them call for help. You still need a few more levels before reaching the level cap.

 Raelag: Hmm… that is wise. And when we defeat the Soulscar reinforcements, it will send a message that anyone who opposes us will be thoroughly OWNED!

 Shadya: Clanlord, I’ve found the Tear of Asha. Quickly, let us plant it!

 Raelag: I wouldn’t describe myself as power hungry, but OMG THIS FEELS GREAT! *casts random spell*