To Honor our Fathers – Chapter 1: Collecting Skulls

 Quroq: Avenge me!

 Gotai: Rawr! Gotai not speak English good! Nasty steel men will pay! Father Sky this! Mother Earth that!

 Kujin: The clan has no leader. Now, we will reveal how orcs choose their next Khan.

 Gotai: If even puny dark elves have bloody battle royale to death, Gotai can’t wait to see what mighty orcs do to choose leader!

 Kujin: Both of you will collect 1,000 skulls.

 Gotai: Collect skull? This sound violent! Gotai am happy! Uh… you mean collect 1,000 skulls of rival orcs, right?

 Kujin: No, I mean to kill some puny peasants.

 Gotai: Oh. Er… well… can Gotai visit far away lands on epic skull collecting quest?

 Kujin: No, they live right outside our camp.

 Gotai: Oh.

 Kujin: Ready, set, go!

 Gotai: Here is bag of 1,000 skulls. Gotai ask goblins nicely. They did work for me.

 Kujin: Congratulations, Gotai! You’re the new Khan!

 Gotai: That was pointless.

 Rabble Rousing Rival: Not so fast, Gotai! Me think me should be great Khan! Me challenge you!

 Gotai: Doink!

 Rabble Rousing Rival: Ahh. Me am slain. You powerful after all.

 Gotai: Gotai is tired of standing around waiting for necklace of Kujin to fall off. Want war! Want to pulverize steel men and avenge Quroq.

 Kujin: Go, Gotai! And take your 1,000 skulls with you!