The Will of Asha – Chapter 3: The Bull’s Wake

 Arantir: So… the man responsible for the demon cult is named Orlando. That’s a peculiar name. Asha uses all.

 Ornella: Time to run through the town and find undead cultists masquerading as normal people! This is just like that mission in that Blizzard game–

 Arantir: No! This is nothing like that game. Now start the mission! Asha uses all.

 Ornella: Hello, plebians.

 Brute: I am a skeleton.

 Ornella: What have we here?

 Brute: I am also skeleton.

 Arantir: Good job. You’ve raised quite an army (har har, no pun intended). Asha uses all.

 Ornella: I saved some treasure chests for you.

 Arantir: Good. I will continue to boost my stats while you run ahead and take care of business.

 Ornella: Hello, Orlando!

 Orlando: Goodbye, Ornella!

 Arantir: Darn, he got away. Looks like we won’t get to him until the next mission. Oh well. Asha uses all.