The Warlock – Chapter 5: Raelag’s Offer

 Shadya: Hey look, this chapter title doesn’t begin with the word ‘the.’

 Raelag: Indeed, the lands of Sheogh are mad, mad I say!

 Deleb: Hi there. Deleb’s my name. Killing all your black dragons and making it impossible to complete the mission is my game. We’ll be seeing a lot of each other in the next few weeks.

 Raelag: I’ve captured an Inferno! Now, to bolster my ranks with fresh demon troops. Why, it’ll be just like old times.

 Inferno: *explodes*

 Raelag: What the… who summoned a meteor shower?

 Shadya: Not me. Hee hee.

 Raelag: At least I managed to learn a few spells. Come Shadya, let us take the underground path to avoid the fury of Deleb’s severely overpowered army.

 Shadya: Since you have all the troops, I’ll just tag along and pick up resources. Better not let me die though. I play an important role later on.

 Raelag: Well, here we are. We’ve just bypassed 75% of the map. Now let’s make a mad dash to the final garrison and hope Deleb doesn’t spot us.

 Deleb: *appears* Where do you think you’re going? I see everything! Everything!

 Shadya: *gulp* Go on without me!

 Raelag: No. We can only complete the mission if we both make it past the garrison. So run for it! Take my Boots of the Swift Journey!

 Shadya: We made it!

 Deleb: Although I could chase both of you through the garrison and wipe out your pathetic armies, I think I’d rather abruptly abandon my attack.

 Isabel: Hey Markal, why did we have to take a detour next to the border between Sheogh and the Griffin Empire just to go to the Hall of Heroes?

 Markal: Do I look like a cartographer?

 Veyer: Kidnap time!

 Raelag: Luckily, my lack of confrontation with Deleb means I have more than enough black dragons to make short work of your units. Now run back to Kha-Beleth and tell him he’ll have to think twice before crossing paths with me again.

 Isabel: Whoa! A dark elf! Cool ears.

 Raelag: Queen Isabel, you must come with me for your life is in grave danger. The demons have invaded the Griffin Empire twice already. Both times, their goal was to abduct you. Did you not see how I just saved you from Veyer? Had I not arrived, you would have been taken!

 Isabel: That’s true… but I really want to go revive Nicolai.

 Markal: This dark elf is obviously crazy. Not like us sane people. Come, let’s go and resurrect your dead husband as a vampire so he can rule us all. And stop staring at me. STOP STARING AT ME. HE HE HE HEE! *casts random spell*

 Isabel: Sounds good to me, Markal. Sorry, dark elf. Let’s just be friends. *casts random spell*

 Shadya: You spent all that time and energy to get here just so you could get rejected by that crazy woman.

 Raelag: I feel pathetic.