To Honor our Fathers – Chapter 2: One Khan, One Clan

 Gotai: Gotai is off to ravage lands of steel men and kill Alaric, priest of red queen. Avenge Quroq! Honor Kunyak!

 Kujin: You do that. I’ll visit the northern tribes and tell them you’re in charge now. We’ll meet up later.

 Gotai: Mother earth! Father sky! Blah blah blah! *runs off*

 Kujin: These northern clans are powerful indeed. I must approach them in peace, or risk leaving in pieces.

 Osol-Aih Chief: What you want, shaman!

 Kujin: Gotai is your new Khan.

 Osol-Aih Chief: Oh. Do we have to do anything?

 Kujin: Not really.

 Osol-Aih Chief: Har har har! Why didn’t you say so earlier? Let’s party!

 Kujin: Partay! Partay! Woooooo!

 Osol-Aih Chief: Shake that thang!

 Kujin: Well, that was easy. But this next chief might not be so happy. He’s all armored and stuff.

 Baishin-gal Chief: What!? Gotai is the Khan now? This is the greatest news ever in the history of orcish news! I’ve never been happier in my life.

 Kujin: You’re taking it well.

 Baishin-gal Chief: Shut up. Let’s party!

 Kujin: Partay! Partay! Woooooo!

 Baishin-gal Chief: Yeah baby, you so fine. You so fine you blow my mind!

 Kujin: Hmm… the next tribe lives on an island to the north. Time to find a shipyard.

 Dark Elf: Unbelievable! Orcs at sea?

 Kujin: Unbelievable! Dark elves on the surface?

 Dark Elf: Well, they had to find an excuse to put us in the game and show off the new dungeon units.

 Kujin: Hope they enjoy your new death animations!

 Dark Elf: Nooooo!

 Kujin: This tribe was hard to find.

 Harakh Chief: Greetings! We hate outsiders! We hate change! We especially hate it when there is new Khan!

 Kujin: Good news, things are a-changing! An outsider named Gotai is your new Khan!

 Harakh Chief: Denial. Anger. Bargaining. Depression. Acceptance. Okay, let’s party!

 Kujin: Partay! Partay! Woooooo!

 Harakh Chief: Yeah! Orcs gone wild!

 Kujin: Well, that’s that. The mission should end now.

 Harakh Chief: Not so fast. Although the original mission objectives told you to contact three tribes, there is actually one more to the south.

 Kujin: That’s so pesky.

 Pesky Orcs: We are chauvinist pigs. Nya nya!

 Kujin: How rude.

 Pesky Orcs: We have balls and you don’t. Nya nya!

 Kujin: Sigh. Looks like no amount of diplomacy is going to work here.

 Pesky Orcs: Mmm… crow.

 Ull-Dash Chief: Shaman, we will not follow Quroq. He does not listen to the wisdom of…

 Kujin: Gotai is the Khan now, not Quroq.

 Ull-Dash Chief: Oh. Why didn’t you say so earlier? Let’s party!

 Kujin: Partay! Partay! Woooooo!