The Will of Asha – Chapter 2: The Grim Crusade

 Arantir: Asha uses all.

 Ornella: What’s the matter, honey?

 Arantir: Demons walk this land. Asha has commanded me to rid the world of demons! Therefore, we must! Asha uses all.

 Ornella: You know, you probably could have helped out back when the demons invaded the Griffin Empire… or that time when that demon army ran through Irollan… or when…

 Random Mage: Blah blah blah! Reveal Dark Messiah spoilers. You’ll be killed by a child. Blah blah!

 Arantir: Despicable! Blasphemy! These wizards are worshiping demons! I hate demons! Let’s get a move on! Asha uses all.

 Random Mage: You’ll never capture our city. We have erected a big energy barrier. It’s so powerful tha–

 Arantir: Is that an underground passage I see? Asha indeed uses all.

 Random Mage: D’oh!