Wulfstan’s Defiance – Chapter 1: The Border Zone

 Wulfstan: The Winterwind is at war with the Griffin Empire.

 Rolf: Wulfstan, you should be ashamed of yourself. You pathetic worm of a half-brother. We should just give up Prince Andrei and stop this war.

 Wulfstan: Nonsense, victory is at hand. And you’re the one making things difficult.

 Rolf: You stupid fool. You are dooming us all. Just you wait. I’m going to go talk to King Tolghar and Hangvul about this.

 Wulfstan: Yeah, run away. Like you always do.

 Rolf: Neener-nee-ner-nee-ner!

 Wulfstan: Hmm… that half-brother of mine is clearly up to no good. I’d better get word to the clan that trouble may be coming.

 Shieldguard: Wulfstan, we need to replenish our troops.

 Wulfstan: Good. Let’s get 200 of you guys together.