The Queen – Chapter 2: The Rebellion

 Isabel: The town of Strongbow is aptly named. Archers live there, and I need them for my army.

 Squire: It should be a simple matter to convince them to-

 Isabel: Attaaaaack! Break down their walls. Burn their houses! Griffin eternal! *casts random spell*

 Squire: Sigh.

 Archer: Stop this madness. We’ll do anything you say! Anything!

 Isabel: Good, assemble 100 of your best archers and meet me at the front gate.

 Archer: What for?

 Isabel: The town of the north rejects the rule of the king. How dare they reject my darling Nicolai? NOW THEY WILL FEEL THE WRATH OF THE WARRIOR QUEEEEEEN! *casts random spell*

 Archer: Is she always like this?

 Squire: Yes.

 Archer: Your archers are ready, milady.

 Isabel: Good. Now, we should hurry as if Crag Hack himself were on our heels!

 Crag Hack: On behalf of the old NWC established universe, I would just like to say that I resent your cheap attempt to use my name to garner sympathy for your pathetic storyline. Gem, Yog, Gelu, and I would all like you to die in a fire. That is all.