The Queen – Chapter 3: The Siege

 Isabel: This has been pretty easy so far. Of course, there is no wood nearby to knock on-

 Demons: Attack the humans! *pounce*

 Sir Tomas: Arms! We must protect Lady Isabel!

 Isabel: Hmm… why were there demons all the way out here in the boonies. No doubt they were a recon force on the cusp of a larger initiative.

 Beatrice: Helllllo, milady. Don’t mind me. I was just uh… resting near these demon corpses.

 Beatrice: But a bit of good news. King Alaron of the elves is sending an army to aid us. I’ll take you to them. Just jump in this sack here… and wrap this duct tape around your mouth. Heh heh.

 Isabel: That is good news. But I must build up this town in case the demons come back.

 Beatrice: Well, I’ll be waiting. I have a feeling you’ll be occupied pretty soon.

 Grawl: Surprise!

 Sir Tomas: It’s a demon army! Sound the alarm!

 Isabel: Foul demon! It’s time you faced the might of the WARRIOR QUEEEEEEN! Griffin eternal! *casts random spell*

 Grawl: I’ll be back. Over and over again. I promise.

 Isabel: Oh Nicolai. Soon, we will be together again. Hey, where’d Beatrice go?


 Nicolai: We are winning battle after battle. Soon, the war will be over. I hope no significant events occur that cause me to break concentration on the battlefield and die a painful death. That would suck.