The Cultist – Chapter 3: The Conquest

 Agrael: I am no puppet of the Demon Sovereign. I am independent and think for myself.

 Demon: You sure are, sir!

 Agrael: Now, let us blindly follow the orders of Tieru and trample through his beloved Elven lands.

 Gilraen: I’m not happy you’re burning your way through our lands uninvited, man.

 Agrael: Move aside, hippie. I have orders from Tieru.

 Gilraen: He is like a myth, created by the man to keep us down. Free your mind, man.

 Agrael: This is going nowhere. Attack this fool!

 Gilraen: I lost, man. Kill me, man. Just do it.

 Agrael: No. Life is too precious to throw away. You see. I’ve come to realize that there’s more to life than just war. There are birds in the air, music in the winds, and poetry in the water. There are friends and family to cherish and adore. These are the things worth living for. That’s what I’ve learned these past few weeks. Maybe one day, you’ll learn it too.

 NBC: The More You Know.

 Gilraen: Whatever, man. Peace out.

 Agrael: That’s the end of my soliloquy. Time to go back to killing.

 Hunter: My town was just taken over by Agrael. How sad.

 Agrael: I’d like to recruit a bunch of you guys to bolster my army and use you to murder your own people. What say you?

 Hunter: Sign me up, demon dude!

 Demon: Your vileness, a found an arrow outside with this letter attached.

 Agrael: Careful, you will burn it to a crisp. Give it to me.

 Agrael: Gilraen has written me some beat poetry. He’s gathering a petition to protest my presence and organizing a sit-in. How infuriating. If only there was some unrelated group of people I could channel my anger toward.

 Druids: Let’s meditate in peace and not disturb anyone. Hur hur hur.

 Agrael: Die! *zaaaap*

 Druids: You destroyed our druid circle! Whyyy?

 Agrael: And now, the little matter of Gilraen’s protest.

 Gilraen: Dude, you’re such a drag. You gotta hang loose, man.

 Agrael: Allow me to show you the merits of brutally suppressing a peaceful demonstration.

 Hunter: Far out.