Freyda’s Dilemma – Chapter 2: The Suspicion

 Freyda: This chapter is called ‘the suspicion’ because I finally suspect something is wrong.

 Godric: I raised my daughter to have smarts.

 Freyda: Ah look at these nice peasants working peacefully in the fields.

 Peasants: Yes, milord. Right-o.

 Demons: ROOOOAAR!

 Freyda: What the… these peasants… are demons?

 Alaric: They are all demon worshippers! We must kill all of the peasants with the fires of our holy convictions!

 Freyda: This seems awfully like that Warcraft III mission where you had to kill innocent civilians infected with the undead plague.

 Alaric: I don’t like you, Freyda.

 Freyda: Also, why is it that the demons don’t fight back. It’s almost as if… this is staged… to convince me of something or other…

 Laszlo: Did someone say killing peasants? Laszlo looooove to kill peasants.

 Alaric: Yes, get to work! Now take these new red troops with you. The clock is ticking.

 Freyda: But where are the portals? Where’s the proof? All I see around us is murder.

 Alaric: Here’s my proof. St. Isabel said to kill the demon worshipers. We listen to her blindly. I suggest you do the same. Oh, and one more thing.

 Freyda: What’s that?

 Alaric: Kiss my ass.

 Freyda: I’m beginning to suspect something strange is going on.

 Laszlo: Who cares. Let’s go kill some peasants.

Meanwhile… in an undisclosed location…

 Biara: Yes, I’m masquerading as St. Isabel.

 Sovereign: We are sooooo eeeeeeeeevil. Mwa ha ha!

 Biara: So eeeeeeeeeevil! It’s good to be bad.

 Sovereign: And bad to be good!

 Biara: Mwa ha ha ha ha!

 Sovereign: You are so evil and bad, Biara.

 Biara: So, you are so evil and bad, my lord.

And they continued this conversation for several more hours.