To Honor our Fathers – Chapter 5: Hunting the Hunter

 Alaric: My queen, I have brought you Quroq’s head. Those orcs sure did suck at battle.

 Arantir: This is the part where I shatter the crystal and Isabel’s spirit goes back to her body.

 Isabel’s Spirit: Whooooosh!

 Biara: Reveal!

 Alaric: What!? Noooooooo! I thought all the blood sacrifices and unholy rituals were to serve the greater good!

 Biara: Ha ha. You’ve been helping a demon this entire time!

 Alaric: *cuckoo cuckoo*

 Biara: Heart of the Griffin! Prince’s blood! Demons, come forth!

 Demons: Time to smash houses!

 Gotai: Gotai must visit city where orcs born; touch grave of Kunyak. Only then will orcs respect leadership of Gotai.

 Khengi: Yippie!

 Gotai: Fortified garrisons surround city of Shahibdiya. Orcs must be patient. Lay siege to nearby steel men city.

 Khengi: Go get ‘em boss!

 Wizards: You bad, bad orcs! We wizards won’t soon forget this act of war!

 Gotai: At last, Gotai has captured all wizard cities and found birthplace of orcs. Kunyak, guide orcs. Give us direction. Help Gotai lead with wisdom and strength.

 Alaric: Yoo-hoo!

 Gotai: Alaric! Time to pay for death of Quroq. Gotai burns with great rage!

 Alaric: Oh, behave!

 Gotai: Look at my cyclops army. Vastly outnumber your archers and knights. Give up now and maybe I show mercy.

 Alaric: You crazy demons have hijacked my queen! Archers, concentrate your fire on the lone goblin standing next to Gotai!

 Khengi: Arrgh! Avenge me.

 Gotai: My loyal goblin sidekick! Now, Gotai revert to angry orc stereotype and crush puny red priest and steel men!

 Alaric: Argh… I am slain.

 Gotai: Now, we march to Talonguard and destroy red queen!