Ylaya’s Quest – Chapter 4: Dragons

 Ylaya: Seems to be another one of those ‘muster the dragons’ missions.

 Raelag: No time for talk. Isabel and I will protect this town. You go and find the dragons.

 Ylaya: I spent all last mission trying to keep this one dragon alive. And she has disappeared!

 Raelag: Now then, my sugar pie honey bunches of oats. Shall we go grab some stat modifiers?

 Isabel: I thought you’d never ask.

 Ylaya: Yikes. I have to trudge through a barren tundra. I am not dressed for this weather.

 Assassin: Mistress, we found these boots for you.

 Ylaya: Great…

 Eruina: Come, let us make weekly attacks on the Shadowbrand with weak troops!

 Sorgal: Right behind you, sister!

 Raelag: Thanks for the extra experience, chump. Not that I need it, since this is my last playable appearance in the game.

 Ylaya: At long last, I’ve found the dragons. They’re all clustered in the corner for some reason.

 Black Dragons: You wear the skins of our brothers!

 Ylaya: Uh, no I’m not. In fact, I’m not wearing much of anything at all.

 Black Dragons: Whatever. We’re going to join you.

 Black Dragons: *183 Black Dragons joined*

 Ylaya: This reminds me of the 32167 black dragon cheat code in Heroes II. Hooray! I sure hope these dragons carry over with me to the final chapter.

 Blood Fury: Sister, Thralsai attacks!

 Ylaya: Not sure how you figured that out… but let’s take this conveniently placed portal back to the city.

 Isabel: Welcome back, Ylaya. Now, we wait.

Six turns later…

 Ylaya: Okay, this is getting us nowhere. Thralsai’s not coming to us. I’m going to go fight him.

 Thralsai: My army has no demons, despite being allied with them.

 Ylaya: Go get ‘em dragons!

 Black Dragons: Nom nom nom.

 Thralsai: I don’t even get a death cinematic?

 Ylaya: Thus ends the saga of the most undeveloped and one-dimensional villain ever.

 Raelag: Well, so much for the Soulscar. Now, I must leave forever.

 Isabel: Where are you going, hunny-bunny?

 Raelag: It’s about your half-demon son we neglected to mention until now. I’m sorry, but I have to be extra cryptic about this because I don’t want to give away spoilers for Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, in stores now.

 Isabel: My child. The demon messiah. Yes, I had to give him up (for adoption).

 Raelag: Who knows? One day, he may have an adventure of his own. By the way, have you heard of a game called Dark Messiah of Might and Magic? Not that I’m promoting it or anything.

 Raelag: Yyala, please escort Isabel to Horncrest. The other heroes will need your help in the epic final battle.

 Ylaya: Did you just call me Yyala?

 Raelag: Oh, heh. I have this habit of rearranging letters in names.