The Mage – Chapter 3: The Triumvirate

 Zehir: The town of Westwall will be tough to capture. Too many knights. High walls. Moats.

 Narxes: Well, let’s give up. I’m no Solmyr.

 Solmyr: *rolls eyes*

 Zehir: Grow a pair, Narxes.

 Zehir: Hmm… it’s convenient that Godric is imprisoned nearby. Let’s go and recruit him so that he can then convince the town to join us.

 Zehir: *casts spell*

 Godric: What kind of devil magic is this?

 Zehir: It’s a low level jailbreak spell. It springs legendary heroes from prison.

 Godric: You’re the son of Cyrus, who I despise. Come to laugh at me?

 Zehir: No, I’m here to recruit you, you paranoid bastard. We both hate the necromancers, so let’s join forces.

 Godric: Nothing unites opposing factions like the interference of a stronger third party. I’m so glad Markal had the foresight to imprison me in full armor along with my horse.

 Zehir: It’s party time!

 Squire: Lord Godric, you’re back! We will join you immediately.

 Godric: It’s good to be appreciated. Now, let us free the other Griffin towns.

 Zehir: This is going a lot better than I expected. But then again, I expected to die a horrible death.

 Findan: Hi guys. I’ve been here the whole time fighting Markal’s armies. Let me brief you about his defenses.

 Zehir: Oh, you’re the elf guy with Tieru’s scroll that the other elf guy mentioned.

 Findan: Markal has three relics. The Black Crystal gives him an infinite supply of magic. The Cursed Garrison gives him a endless undead troops. Third, he has found a Tear of Asha which provides increased power in every town.

 Godric: Markal must have stolen the Tear of Asha that we dug up in the first campaign.

 Zehir: Let’s split up and destroy these relics. That’ll show him.

 Godric: I concur.

 Zehir: Griffin eternal?

 Godric: I’m not in the mood right now. Watch me slump on this horse like a drama queen.

 Paladin: Someone approaches! Lower the gates!

 Godric: It is I, Godric. Come join us and free the Griffin Empire from the taint of the necromancers.

 Paladin: I don’t think that will do. Truth is, we’re becoming accustomed to the undead. They’re a bit smelly, but not that bad once you get to know them.

 Godric: Stockholm syndrome! Some days, you just have to do things the old fashioned way. *casts spell*

 Paladin: *explodes*

 Findan: I’m surprised by how easy this chapter has turned out to be. We have all the Griffin towns secured save one and our levels are maxed out.

 Zehir: I’m glad Markal stayed in Bel-zeri the entire time.

 Zehir: *ding dong*

 Markal: What’s all that racket? I was sleeping.

 Phoenix: *flame flame*

 Markal: Curses!

 Findan: Okay team. Let’s get off our horses and walk toward Markal in dramatic fashion.

 Markal: Oh, I accept your surrender. Hurr hurr, I’m witty.

 Godric: This is for the Empire!

 Findan: This is for Irollan!

 Zehir: And this is for everything you have ever done in your life that’s worth mentioning but may have slipped our mind at the moment. That should cover it.

 Markal: Sure, go ahead and kill me. I’ll just come back as a lich. It’s exactly what I want.

 Zehir: Gladly. *casts spell*

 Markal: Oh crap. *disintegrates*

 Zehir: I vaporized him so that he could not return with a physical form. Poof!

 Godric: I guess you wizards aren’t so bad after all.

 Zehir: Godric has learned a valuable lesson, kids.

 Godric: You see, in life you may meet someone with a different appearance or belief system than you. It doesn’t mean they’re bad. They’re just different. And we just need to be tole-

 Findan: Stop wasting time. Onward to Talonguard!